Saturday nights under the lights

According to Steve Myers, we are looking at Bristol as the next night racing offering from iRacing. The night version of Bristol is due to be released Monday August, 16th.

I have to say that if it is anywhere near as good as Richmond I can’t wait!

Sniff, sniff. I love the smell of new build in the morning


The fine folks at SRTV have an exclusive preview of night racing and a few of the features of the new iRacing build. This one is almost done cooking and should see the light of day by the end of this week.

Does the FIA take the “no team orders” rule seriously?

I guess we will find out. I don’t know how much more blatant a violation could occur. They have already fined Ferrari $100K, a slap on the wrist. Now we will see if they are going to do anything serious about this.

IRL has had enough

Series Boss, Randy Bernard, has put Milkas on probation for the remainder of the year, ”She must show immediate and substantial improvement on road and street courses…”. Which is defined by meeting 107% of the leaders pace. He also said he did not want to run a sponsor out of the series, but he had to ensure that the series remained credible.

Thank god. This should not have gone on as long as it has. It just sends a really bad message about the quality of drivers if they let anyone race who has the money. That is fine, and frequently does happen in lesser series. That should not happen at the top levels of sport. Obviously. this does happen in racing, but the competitors normally have talent comparable to the rest of the drivers.

iRacing on ESPN

ESPN did a nice write up on iRacing here. The reporter spent a few hours, on iRacing, with Dale Jr.

Dale seems to have a solid triple screen setup, and apparantly spends quite a bit of time with the sim.


From the iRacing staff…

This is a heads up on the The Intel GP Series. iRacing has teamed up with Intel to create a global competition that is in conjunction with the Intel Extreme Master Tournament events. The series will feature the Star Mazda at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. The competition will be comprised of 3 Regional qualifiers, 3 Regional Finals, and a World Final. The Intel GP Series kicks off with this upcoming 13th week.

Round 1 – European Regional Qualifier (July 27-Aug 2)
Round 2 – America / Canada Regional Qualifier (TBD)
Round 3 – Asia / Australia Regional Qualifier (TBD)

While each series will determine finalists for that particular region, all iRacing members are encouraged to race as great prizes are on the line!

Everyone that participates (regardless of region) in the complete series (minimum 4 days) will be entered to win an Intel i7Core Processor and motherboard courtesy of Intel (approx. Retail Value of $1,500).

The overall winner (regardless of region) will take home $10 iRacing credits.

The Top 10 European qualifiers will continue on to the European Regional Finals on August 22. The Top 4 finishers of that event will then move to the World Finals that will be held at the Intel Extreme Masters Tournament –CeBit, Germany in March 2011. Intel will be awarding $23,000 in cash prizes during the course of the entire Competition.

Races will be run every hour on the :15 of each hour. There will be a total of seven days with 3 drop days. To be eligible for the prizes, competitors must run at least 4 days. This series allows members of all licenses and abilities. This is an official series.

Rules and more detailed information is on the way.

Good Luck with your quest for Global Domination!

Road Warriors

So I was looking at my points after a Mazda race.  I have had 19 starts over 11 weeks. I thought that was a pretty healthy amount of races. Intil I saw Fabrizio Raffa with 136 races over 11 weeks. I was pretty impressed until I saw some of the other series. These are the amount of races over the last 11 weeks.

Dawid Kus – 138 races – Spec Racer

Keith Harrelson – 190 races – Skip Barber

Jonathan Dickert – 240 races – NASCAR Trucks

It is tough to match the enthusiasm of the noobs.

Luis Caveiro – 140 races – Solstice

Tony Smith2 – 119 races – Rookie Legend

The amazing thing about their numbers is they pulled off all of those green flags in the last THREE weeks!

Honorable mention goes to Fabian Jastremski for getting 77 races in the V8. I didn’t think it had even gone official that many times this season.

Milka has the race of the year!

Seriously, when is Coyne or Citgo going to stick a fork in this. 8 seconds off of the pace in practice. Doesn’t even post a qual time, and black flagged for inability to maintain minimum pace in a perfectly functioning car.

I get she looks good in a fire suit, but she obviously can’t do the job.  It is an insult to women who are capable of doing the job. Doing the job doesn’t have to mean winning races. It does mean to have the base ability to be something more than a safety hazard.

If she was actually racing ANYBODY in the field, I would have no issue with it. She hasn’t really raced anyone this year, and drivers like Paul Tracey, Graham Rahal, or even Sarah Fisher can’t get rides at all of the races.

Does anyone have Katherine Legg’s number still?

Spin it how you like, this aint good

It is no secret that I am a fan of endurance sports car racing. The ALMS points leading team, in GT, of the AJR Porsches is out for the remainder of the season.

Obviously there was some issue with their sponsorship. Yes, GT is a support class. It just is not a good sign when a series leading team has to pack it in for the year.

You can read about the details  here.

The invisible wheel!

Well not quite. Charlie Visscher, has been making clear plexi-glass wheels for a few of the members of iRacing.

Sounds like he can make a wheel to custom specifications. He has built wheels for the G25\G27 and ECCI wheel. The wheels seem to go for $100 – $150.

I think I still prefer a d shaped Momo or Sparco, but this is definitely a uniquer look. Charlie seems to have satisfied customers. If you would like to find out more you can take a peek in the iRacing thread for more info.